Contact Information

24/7 Assistance Available

Customer Service Contact Information

Standard Office Hours:  8:00am – 7:00pm EST

Please Call: 215-673-3520 and press #2 for assistance


24/7 Emergency After Hours/Weekend Assistance

A Gemini technical service coordinator is always on call.

In case of an emergency after hours or over a weekend, please call 215-673-3520, press 0 and follow the emergency contact instructions.  The on call technician will call you back within 30 minutes.


The Customer Service Team:

Customer Service Manager: Jack Plum at ext. 7281

Customer Service Supervisor: Tom Callan at Ext. 7251

Project and Service Coordinator: Michelle Latta at Ext 7219

Customer Service Administrative Assistant: Jessica Goodyear at Ext. 7282

Customer Service Coordinator (Food Service/Commercial): Phil Starr at Ext. 7248

Customer Service Coordinator (Food Service/Industrial): Scott Muller at Ext. 7226

Customer Service Coordinator (Food Service/Industrial/Bulk Handling): Paul Houser at Ext. 7280

Part Sales Coordinator: Gary Ulrich at Ext. 7255

Part Sales Coordinator: Misael Marrero at ext. 7227

Part Sales Coordinator (KB Bulk Handling): Gerry Parry at ext. 7501